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Hacking Hacking and Making in the Himalayas


  • [upcoming/2015]23rd May - 7th June
  • [past/2014]: October 10th - 26th



hillhacks Sambbhav...

… two week long huddle in the lap of Himalayas, Dharamsala, India for hacking, making and knowledge sharing around technology, life and society.

… where dreaming meets doing and creativity meets technology. Hacking is improvisation upon what is existing. Hillhacks is improvisation of the Earth from the hills.

… timeless, universal collaboration between the creative and curious ones wanting to create value for themselves and the world.
Hillhacks is organized by an open coalition of community volunteers from Dharamsala, India, Germany, Japan and other countries. CCC, freaklabs, mindgrep, Mozilla India, Wikimedia etc are some of the participating organizations. And here is a little about the history

Immediately following hillhacks will be the Dharamsala International Film Festival so participants can relax and enjoy the creative works of filmmakers from around the globe.

Imagine A Creative Place
…where the driven and like minded shape the dream of a beautiful and caring world.
…Where you talk about technology, freedom and innovation, and people around you understand.
…Where you see people working on projects driven by the heart, vision or curiosity.
…Where people think on different levels and in different dimensions.
…Where people connect, collaborate and are excellent to each other.

When caring, able minded and driven beings will come together to dream a beautiful world, there is bound to be a significant positive change.

Hillhacks will facilitate the coming together of such people through an open mailing list, chat and most importantly, an annual event with temporary hackerspaces, workshops and talks. Here is a long list of topics we are interested in While this list is long, it does not mean that this is all. We are open to any topics around technology, society, security, ethics. While the core of Hillhacks is around technology, the platform is open to any questions, ideas, workshops or projects that pertain to wellbeing of society and earth in general.

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Call for Participation and Papers

(Direct link to the submission form)

This is an invitation to something new: People interested and working on/in/about technology in its widest sense get together within the stunning backdrop of the lower Himalayas. Very much inspired from the CCC/C3-events we want to have a fruitful exchange on a list of topics that is endless. This invitation comes from a dynamic group of volunteers, and you can be part of them!

We invite you to come up here to the hills for a non-commercial community-run event, and we invite you propose sessions on various topics: Not only focused on the geeky technology interest, but on the greater exchange of knowledge, sharing ideas to contribute to an open and free society and world to live in.

"It is probably true quite generally that in the history of human thinking 
the most fruitful developments frequently take place at those points where 
two different lines of thought meet. These lines may have their roots in quite 
different parts of human culture, in different times or different cultural 
environments or different religious traditions: hence if they actually meet, 
that is, if they are at least so much related to each other that a real 
interaction can take place, then one may hope that new and interesting 
developments may follow."

quote from Werner Heisenberg - Fruitful Developments Where Thought Meet

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