hillhacks is a multi-day event so clearly you will need to find somewhere to stay, keep clean and perform vital bodily functions. Three options are listed below not in order of preference. Feel free to discuss your accommodation hacks on the mailing list.


Enjoy the great outdoors. Camping facilities on the property are limited to about 6 tents, so this is first-come, first-served.

You can bring your own tent, sleeping mat and sleeping bag. You’ll need to pay a small parking charge. We will also be able to provide tents on rent this year. If you do not own a tent yet, cheap tents can be bought at Decathlon. In previous years, local attendees have offered to bulk-buy tents for people and bring them to the venue. Please discuss on the mailing list.

You will be able to share sanitary facilities in the main venue.

Camping Costs

Bring Your Own Tent

  • 600₹ per night**

** For using basic sanitation facilities at the site plus food and electricity.

Tent provided by Jubeesh^^

  • 700₹ per person per night, you can choose 2/4 person tent.

^^ Need to inform Jubeesh much in advance.

📝Note: By Default Mattress in tent is not provided, however it could be arranged by Jubeesh if requested in advance, at nominal costs.

Stay nearby

There are plenty of homestays and hotels in and around Thachi Valley. Booking in advance is recommended. Use your favourite search engine or app to find a space that suits your needs and budget suitably near the venue.

On-site rooms

Rooms are available at the venue. The toilet and bathing facilities in these rooms are shared by all of the campers on site.

If you are arriving very early in the morning, you may have a nap in the lounge before you set up your tent later in the day.

You will need to bring your own sheets or a sleeping bag.

Room Costs

Room Type Cost Availability Capacity
Attached 1000₹ per night per room 2 person  
Non-Attached 800₹ per night per room 2 person  

📝Note: Some discount for students might be available and can be discussed with Jubeesh. If that doesn’t work, you can ask for help in the mailing list or telegram channel.

Food Costs

All prices mentioned above incluse costs for vegetarian breakfast, lunch, tea/coffee & dinner.

Financial aid for stay and food, for both hackers submitting proposals and ones who are not, may be available. You may write to the community on the mailing list. You can volunteer and contribute in other ways ;)

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