hillhacks is a multi-day event so clearly you will need to find somewhere to stay, keep clean and perform vital bodily functions. Three options are listed below in order of preference. Feel free to discuss your accommodation hacks on the mailing list.


This is the preferred option.

Enjoy the great outdoors. Camping facilities on the property are limited to about 50 tents, so this is first-come, first-served. When the campsite is filled, we will identify fresh camping spots; you will need to pay a minimal charge to the property owner directly.

You must bring your own tent, sleeping mat and sleeping bag. We will not be able to provide tents this year. If you do not own a tent yet, cheap tents can be bought at Decathlon. In previous years, local attendees have offered to bulk-buy tents for people and bring them to the venue. Please discuss on the mailing list.

You will be able to share sanitary facilities in the main venue and there is a stream a short distance away.

Stay nearby

If you come without a tent, you must find accommodation nearby. There are plenty of homestays and hotels in and around Bir Billing. Booking in advance is recommended. Use your favourite search engine or app to find a space that suits your needs and budget.

On-site rooms

Four of the six rooms at our venue are used for workshops, a shared lounge, and other common spaces. The toilet and bathing facilities in these rooms are shared by all of the campers on site.

We reserve one room as an infirmary/nursery and one for solo women travellers who would prefer not to sleep alone in tents. These rooms’ bathing facilities are also shared with campers and conference attendees.

If you are arriving very early in the morning, you may have a nap in the lounge before you set up your tent later in the day.

You will need to bring your own sheets or a sleeping bag.

Please let us know by email if you would like to stay in a shared room at the venue so we can plan occupancy. Note that your stay in a shared room is not confirmed until we tell you it is. Preference will be given to attendees with particular needs (injury, illness, infants, etc.).

FAQ: Do foreign nationals need a Protected Area Permit (PAP)?

Please be aware that foreign nationals require a Protected Area Permit (PAP) for overnight stays in certain sections of the Bir area.

Our hillhacks campsite does not require foreign nationals to get a permit.

If you are staying elsewhere, it is your responsibility to check with your accommodation to see if they fall within the area. If so, you will need to apply for a permit at the District Commissioner’s (DC) Office in Lower Dharamsala, about two hours driving from Bir.

Further details on the PAP application are available on the Deer Park Institute website.