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When you have registered, you will be able to submit proposals for presentations, workshops and school programme sessions.

Event costs

We offer a sliding scale fee from Rs. 500-2000 per day which is paid in cash at the event. No prepayment is required.

We aim for transparency, so if you are interested in where your money goes, please contact us and we’ll give you a budget sheet.

Rough schedule

Main conference

18-21 May 2017
What to expect
Curated talks and workshops
Evening entertainment

The main conference schedule will be announced just prior to the event.


15-17 May 2017
22-31 May 2017
What to expect
Set up for the main conference
Variety of sessions
Clean up after the main conference

School programme

15-31 May 2017
What to expect
School visits of one day and longer

The school programme will be scheduled based on schools’ interest and availability of volunteers.