Over the years, some questions come up again and again. Here they are, with answers. Of course, if you don’t see your question asked and answered, ask on the mailing list.

Should I bring…

…my projects and tools?
Oh yes, you should! Bring your whole project group and take a code retreat or whatever needs to be done — and get fruitful exchanges with the other participants. Please let us know what things you want to bring, so that we can arrange appropriate space for you.
…my camping gear?
Yes, please! Bring your tents, mattresses, sleeping bags, pillows, blankets. We have some to share, but never enough.
…my trekking gear?
Yes, please! Bring your shoes, backpacks, bottles, and all that stuff, and go for as many treks and walks you can!
…my family?
You are welcome to bring your husband, kids, wife, parents, cousins, friends. Please let us know the details in advance, so we can help to find appropriate accommodation for you. There are plenty of things to do for all ages and interests.
…a spontaneous session?
Yes. The unconference is all about spontaneous sessions. During the main conference days, priority is given to curated sessions, but you may be able to schedule yourself into unused spaces.


When can I come?
The unconference and set-up for the main conference all begin on 18th May 2018. We have the venue until 31st May 2018. If you would like to come earlier or stay later, you should make your own arrangements. Contact the mailing list for pointers.
When is the main conference?
24-27 May 2018.
How do I get there?
See the Travel page for details.

Managing expectations

How cold will it be up there?
In general it will be around 25°C during the day and around 15°C at night. Note that we are around 2000 metres above mean sea level, temperatures often fall below 10°C. On the other hand they have been known to rise above to 30°C too. Weather varies, but it isn’t monsoon season, so it (probably) won’t rain too much.
What about lodging and food?
See the Venue page and the Accommodation page for details.
I am a foreign national. Do I need a Protected Area Permit (PAP)?
Not if you are camping on-site. Read the relevant section on the Accommodation page for more details.
I am concerned that I am too young / too old / an introvert / a single female /
a single male / a robot / something totally different.
Read our note on providing a safe and friendly place for everyone. In previous years, we had all age groups around, and nearly 50% of our core team are female! As we are surrounded by the mountains, you will always find enough space for yourself if needed. You have found us, that means you are in the right place, please feel welcome!
My family is concerned that this will be way too dangerous!
Please have a look at the blog posts from participants from previous hillhacks editions, and maybe show them the report or project description. If they are primarily concerned about the travel, shout out on the mailing list There is a good chance that others will be travelling the same route around the same time you intend to travel.

Sliding scale

This event is solely community driven and run by volunteers. Please see where else you can contribute too! This democratic (or even meritocratic) approach is mirrored on every layer, and so is it for the money bit, too.
Types of financial contribution
We want to provide everyone the opportunity to come, so we kindly ask everyone to give as much as s/he can afford.
What does that mean?
We have four levels of contributions. Please choose the one that suits your budget.
  • Base: can be 0, if you cannot afford otherwise
  • Reasonable: covers basic costs of food and lodging
  • Nice: all costs covered, including infrastructure and tools
  • Supporter: you support others that cannot afford their travel, stay and food

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