The hillhackers mailing list is our primary communication channel. Traffic is moderate throughout the year but gets busier as we get closer to the event.

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Mailing list guidelines

There are nearly 400 subscribers on the mailing list, many of whom are subscribed to dozens of other mailing lists receiving hundreds or even thousands of email messages per day. If you are not familiar with internet mailing lists, please consider the following basic etiquette guidelines before posting.

Please include relevant text from the original message.
Trim it to the minimum, but do not overdo it. It should still be possible for somebody who did not read the original message to understand what you are talking about. This is especially important for postings of the type “yes, I see this too”, where the initial posting was dozens or hundreds of lines.
Use some technique to identify which text came from the original message, and which text you add.
A common convention is to prepend > to the original message. Leaving white space after the > and leaving empty lines between your text and the original text both make the result more readable.
Please do not “top post”.
When you reply to a message, please put your replies after the text that you copy in your reply. As Randy Bush famously writes:
A: Because it reverses the logical flow of conversation.
Q: Why is top posting frowned upon?

Don’t post large attachments.
Please respect the fact that bandwidth is not infinite and that not everyone reads email through high-speed connections. If you must share a large file, please upload it to a website and share a URL.

You can submit an improvement to this page by visiting GitHub. You will need to fork the website and submit a Pull Request. If you don't want to use a GitHub account, feel free to submit a patch on the mailing list.