13th May to 28th May

  1. Setup and Unconference 1: 13th - 19th May
  2. Main Events: 20th and 21st May
  3. Unconference 2 & Teardown: 22nd to 28th May

Submit your Hack/Talk/Proposal/Event


hillhacks is an annual, community-run event that provides a space for exploring hacker culture. Broadly, it refers to a playful and creative approach of:

  • taking things apart to figure out how they work;
  • making and modifying things to suit our needs;
  • finding a clever way of solving a problem, as opposed to brute force or an expensive way;
  • sharing what we learn and make with fellow participants

We are seeking proposals for talks, workshops and discussion sessions for the main programme at hillhacks. We are especially interested in sessions that explore intersections between technology, art and society.

Some ideas for topics:

  1. Hands-on making: Solar-powered LED lanterns, conference badges with LED screens, custom tables or chairs (we can possibly arrange for equipment), Hula hoops with LED strips, interactive installations.
  2. Privacy & surveillance: national identification schemes, data protection (see GDPR), building a more secure and decentralized internet, safeguarding our privacy, surveillance at the work place.
  3. Current trends: Cryptocurrencies, deep neural networks, decentralized applications.
  4. Life experiences: stories from your career, side projects, travels that other participants could learn from.
  5. Life skills: Cooking, Nutrition, Fitness, Tidying up, Making a fire, Writing, Public speaking.

Please note that the above list is limited by the writer’s imagination. It only serves to stimulate ideas in you. Topics not in the above list are more than welcome.

The sessions don’t necessarily have to be about technology! Over the past six editions, there have been artists, architects, human rights activists, performance artists, hardware and software engineers and designers who’ve participated at hillhacks.

If you’re new to hillhacks, you might find the following links useful to get a taste of the kind of conversations we’ve had in the past:

  1. 2014
  2. 2015
  3. 2016
  4. 2017


  • Talks are recommended to be timed at 30 minutes. We’re happy to give you feedback on your slides and talk overall, and help you prepare for your presentation on the stage! We do plan to record talks.
  • Workshops are recommended to be timed at 3 hours. Please do make sure that the workshops are highly interactive or hands-on. You can conduct the workshop over the course of multiple days too, depending upon the level of interest. If you need special equipment, please do mention it. We’ll look into how we can help.
  • Discussion sessions are expected to last for about an hour. These sessions will be moderated.

If you are curious to see or participate in a session on a particular topic, please go ahead and propose the topic. We’ll do our best to find a qualified speaker to take it up!


There will be one main ‘stage’ which will feature a projector. There will also be other spaces, including open green spaces, rooms, terraces that will be open and available for both scheduled and impromptu sessions.


Please do make sure to send in your submissions by the 2nd May, so we can have sufficient time to go through it, give feedback and schedule it. Sooner the better!


Please do mention if you’re looking for travel assistance. We’ll do our best to help with this.


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