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hillhacks Rocks!

In my entire life, I have never been into a situation that would put me into unknown modes! I had lost my laptop, my entire data and work of last 5 years, my DSLR camera and a smartphone together. Someone broke my house and stole these things! I found few clues that may help me to solve it. I immediately called police and asked for the help. I had found a cover of my laptop, my mobile charger and a pen drive in the bushes behind the house and an unknown samsung mobile phone which was not working. I noticed next day that it is becoming more and more difficult to find my stuff back! Police was working very slow and was not paying proper attention to clues and suspects. I kept on recollecting and rethinking about the whole scene and how would someone manage to steal, and put the lock back as it appears untampered. It kind of somehow made me believe that someone who has information about the place and my activities would do that!

After three days, I realized that Police is very slow and follows lot of proceeders to come up with something! With everyday, I was loosing my hope and battling between doubts and possibilities. Suddenly, I remembered about friends from Hillhacks, I have been to there studio few times and it has been always been interesting to interact with them. I do not come from technological background, but I am curious to know more about it. I called Cherry and he suggested me to visit and helped me on this! So, I took the phone from the police department and went to hillocks. Santosh and Rom were there and they spent few hours trying to find some possibilities.

The phone software was corrupted and hardware also had some problems, I went to customer care also before visiting the hillhacks but it didn't work. Santosh and Rom were working on it and found some email address! I saw that the name looked familiar. It was my new neighbor who has a son of 15 years old and two unknown phone numbers also.

Police told me that now it is impossible to find my things and they didn't show any interest in email id, phone numbers or anything else! I had no option other than doing something with everything I have found with the help of friends. I went back home and found few things in suspicious condition, I never touched those things and someone else must have done this.

Next day, I realized that those phone number Santosh and Rom managed to find were my neighbors contact numbers and their son's email id. I called the father of the boy and explained him about the clues which we managed to find and also informed to my landlord to cooperate and help on this!

within an hour, I got a phone call from police saying that they have found some schoolbag with a laptop, its charger and a DSLR camera near some water stream. Police person took me to a room and shown a bag with my laptop in it.

There was no other way other that the phone numbers and email id I got from the hillocks ( santosh, Rom, Cherry and all friends ). This has changed me in certain ways to look at things and helped my to retain my work, my machines and my trust on possibilities! I am grateful to all the friends at hillhacks who helped me on this!

Hillhacks Rocks!

– HITESH RAWAT Designer New Delhi, India


HillHacks 2014

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A mix of red-robed monks, pajama-bottomed hippies, and optimistic Indians. The mountain air is refreshing and the smiles/smells of pine trees greet me as I walk to nearby Mcleod Ganj or Bhagsu Naag, a pleasant pedestrian path connecting them. Tibet refugees selling goods, big smiles, heavy hearts. The Himalayas towering overhead emit the aura of a big brother - hard, stoic, stubborn, “Don’t mess with me”. Monkeys crowd the street and play on roofs. Cars zoom on crooked streets, centimeters away from joining the rubble beneath.

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It’s been a really long time since I wrote here. In fact, I thought it best to punish myself by not writing. The greatest punishment is not allowing yourself to do what helps you best express yourself. That’s all a story for another day. Let’s talk about now.

I delivered a baby girl in March this year, and boy, life has changed in many significant ways. For once, I have started realizing the importance of sleep. Allowing myself to sleep for 45 minutes this afternoon was absolutely refreshing. I suddenly woke up with a different perspective on life and the rest of my evening. Each day, I discover new significance of sleep and what wonderful things it can do to a person. And I keep telling my daughter every now and then, “hey, get some sleep. You’ll really miss it as you grow.”

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Tod & I just returned from Hillhacks, a tech conference for “hacking and making” in the Himalayas. It was an incredible experience for both of us. Dreams came true, doors opened, and plans formed. But I am getting ahead of the story.

Ironically, the one thing that didn't happen on this trip is what took me there in the first place. Akiba and I had planned to get Maru the LED hoop working in time for a Diwali performance, but thanks to my inability to stabilse the power system and a lack of time to focus on the work needed, it didn't happen.

What was I doing, if not the project I'd planned? Mostly I was teaching and hosting school students who attended our workshops.

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On the way to Dharamshala from Delhi, I caught sight of an untouched night sky, in half sleep, and woke up shocked. The rest of the journey lit up the sky in lines and layers, and the stars disappeared one after the other, quietly and slowly, into the sun. On reaching Dharamshala, after walking aimlessly for a while trying to find a shortcut to The Country Lodge, we were guided by a very nice old man who took us into his office space, and showed us the way down from his balcony — a long maze of stairs and pathways some of which encroached into the fronts of people’s houses and ran on the sides of their walls, precarious and so inviting to my city feet. The cloudy sky replaced my umbrella, and grandparents of strangers on terraces took the place of shopkeepers in the city, ready with directions.

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This year, Mozilla India marked its presence at hillhacks ,a tech conference of Hacking and Making in the Himalayas from 15th October to 21st October in Dharamsala, India.

Akshat and I returned back few days ago and our experience is Awe-inspiring. This was completely different experience from what we usually have in other events. We first planned to conduct three Webmaker workshops each followed by Privacy & security session and a Firefox OS talk but we did more than what we planned which makes our experience best.

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Patrick Müller, Studierender der Fakultät für Informatik, spricht auf der internationalen Konferenz „hillhacks“ in Dharamsala zum Thema Capture the Flag Competitions.

Auf den 23. Oktober 2014 fiel in diesem Jahr das traditionelle Diwali - das Lichterfest. An diesem Abend feierten auch Vertreter verschiedenster Branchen, Nerds und Hacker aus der ganzen Welt, Aktivisten der Tibet Bewegung, Künstler und Artisten gemeinsam das Festival of lights. Der Auftakt zur Konferenz “hillhacks” und mitten unter ihnen Patrick Müller, Informatikstudierender an der Hochschule Mannheim.

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We are in one of the world’s most targeted areas when it comes to cyber attacks: Dharamsala, India, HQ of the Tibetan Exile Government is one of the main targets of Chinese hackers.

Here, over 70 hackers from all over the world met for the hillhacks hacking conference ( One of the participating hackers was our member floatec, who not only attended the event but also held a small lecture about CTF hacking-competitions. Although we all know, that CTFs are not only a fun hobby, but also a good way to motivate people to get in touch with topics of IT security, in India, these kinds of competitions are mostly unknown. So we needed to start from the very beginning: What are CTFs? How do they work? What different types of CTFs exist and how can you organize your own one? - Read more

Last weekend it was time for the first hillhacks in Dharamsala. Beside giving a talk about CTF competitions and organizing a “google quiz”, I also did a 3h gamedev workshop with LUA and löve in one of the workshop rooms. - Read more

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